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Smeraldina Sparkling
Artesian Water

The Best Bottled Water in the World… with sparkles added!

Smeraldina Natural Artesian Water
Smeraldina Natural Artesian Water

Smeraldina Natural
Artesian Water

Award-winning as Best Bottled Water in the World, twice!

Smeraldina is water with more depth. Discover our full range of products and pick the one that best fits your needs.

Where does Smeraldina Water come from?

Smeraldina Water comes from the most ancient of all Italian islands – Sardinia – a region with dense and lush vegetation (also known as the Island of the Centenarians). Smeraldina Water is bottled at an artesian aquifer deep beneath Monti di Deu, or God’s Mountain, a granite giant regarded in ancient times as sacred. The natural filtration process through layers of ancient granite is what gives this pristine water a superb taste, and the very reason why we call Smeraldina a Rare Gift of Nature.

Smeraldina Water, Rare Gift of Nature

The gradual filtration process through these ancient granite rocks imparts a uniquely balanced concentration of mineral salts which, once dissolved, give this water its fresh, clean and light taste, making Smeraldina healthier and more enjoyable to drink. This precious water is then collected in a sacred aquifer that preserves its purity and mineral properties one thousand feet underneath the surface of the earth.

Smeraldina mineral properties and chemical analysis

Let your body discover and enjoy this Rare Gift of Nature! Whether you drink the Natural Artesian throughout the day for your own hydration, or the Carbonated Artesian to give a special occasion the sparkle it deserves, Smeraldina is water like you have never tasted before.

Total dissolved solids

mg/l 57

Water temperature

°C 19.2




72.6 mg/l


1.4 mg/l


17.3 mg/l


29.0 mg/l


8.8 mg/l


40.0 mg/l


14.3 mg/l

Smeraldina Water offers various products catering to everyday life’s varied needs. The Smeraldina products stand out due to their high quality, which is related to the water itself, and the commitment to ensuring absolute freshness and a long-lasting carbonation process.

The Smeraldina artesian water products range includes two primary offerings: still and sparkling water.

Smeraldina's still water is a water of outstanding properties that are as pure as the environment from which it springs. On the other hand, Smeraldina's sparkling water offers a refreshing twist to the natural artesian water. The carbonation process adds a vivacious effervescence to the water, making it a perfect choice for those who enjoy a bit of sparkle in their hydration.

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