Alt This story is about a Legend.
A Legendary Water...
Alt Picture an ancient island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea – the Island of the Centenarians – that is said to be a place where people live the longest, some surpassing 100 years.

Imagine an enchanting village renowned for the purity of its water called Tempio, Italian for “Temple”, and a sacred mountain lying nearby resembling the profile of human face named after God, Monti di Deu.
Alt There, a visionary young entrepreneur, Giovanni Maria Solinas, was running his family-owned soda factory.
During a business trip, he casually encounters a yogi who will change Giovanni Maria’s life forever.

He realized he had been living and working for all the wrong reasons and, in turn, decided to devote his life to what truly mattered to him: his family, his health, and his happiness.
Alt It all started when Giovanni Maria moved his family and soda production to Temple, his wife’s hometown, also known for the miraculous healing properties of its waters.
His idea – one no one else believed in – was to bottle this artesian water straight from the source, a deep aquifer one thousand feet underneath the Mountain of God.

He decided to listen to his Buddhist teachings and followed his own truth: honor a Rare Gift of Nature (its surroundings, too!), and share it with people around the world.
Alt The Legend does in fact exist: the island, the water, the visionary man!
This story certainly provides food for thought. There’s no such a thing as “just water”. Look at Smeraldina.

What would seem to be “just water”, really is a Rare Gift of Nature. Likewise, what would seem to be “Joe Average”, really is a unique individual. It is up to us to discover our own individuality and become proud of it.
Alt Discover Smeraldina the Legendary Water of Sardinia

History of Smeraldina Artesian Water

Smeraldina Artesian water: our products

Water is essential for human life, but Smeraldina is unlike any other water in making you feel at your best. Whether with people you love or on your own, whether at a special occasion or throughout the day, this water gives you the comfort you need to live an extraordinary life. Prize yourself at any time! Our Artesian Water comes in Natural or Carbonated and in a full range of formats, one for every occasion: our iconic glass and PET bottles resemble a gemstone and are inspired by a faceted emerald, whereas the new Smeraldina Box is made from nature and designed for the future.

Smeraldina Water: PET, glass or Box

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If you are looking for an award-winning water, you are in the right place at the right time. Smeraldina Water Shop is just one click away.

Smeraldina Water is a name that resonates with purity and quality. This is not just water; it represents the pristine beauty of Sardinia, Italy. Smeraldina is more than just water; it's a journey that begins deep within the heart of the untouched island of Sardinia. This is Smeraldina natural artesian water, a product of nature's own design, unaffected by human intervention. It originates from a source 1000 feet deep within the sacred Monti di Deu, the Mountain of God. The planet's purest and most compact granite resides here, acting as a natural filter for the water, enriching it through a long and intricate natural process. The result is Smeraldina natural artesian water from Sardinia, Italy, a water of outstanding properties. Smeraldina Water is not just for the residents of Sardinia or Italy. It's a global brand, bringing the taste of pure, natural artesian water to the world. Smeraldina water for sale is available to anyone seeking to experience the refreshing taste of water sourced from the heart of Sardinia. It's more than a purchase; it's an investment in quality, in natural purity, and in a brand that values the preservation of nature's best.

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