Smeraldina Box: Eco-friendly Water Packaging


Smeraldina Box, a container designed for the future.

Smeraldina Box

From $53.73 - 24 bottles each case
  • Over 75% of box materials are plant-based and made from renewable sources.
  • Paperboard from FSC® certified forests.
  • Plastic derived from sugar cane.

Smeraldina Box is the Sofi Award Gold winner

Smeraldina Water, once again, is Gold! Two months after winning the gold medal as Best Bottled Water in the World at the 2023 Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting, our eco-friendly Smeraldina Box won the 2023 sofi™ Awards as Gold Winner in the Waters category. We are the first and only Italian water brand available in the US in this innovative, fun and sustainable Tetrapak™ packaging.

2023 Sofi Award Gold Winner

Is Smeraldina Box sustainable?

Smeraldina Box is made with renewable raw materials, borrowed from natural, inexhaustible sources that keep growing back. The bio-based plastic in the cap, and in some of the packaging’s protective layers, is obtained from sugar cane grown according to ethical, social, and environmental standards — certified by Bonsucro®. The paper is 100% FSC certified®, an honor from an international non-governmental organization that promotes environmentally suitable, socially advantageous, and economically sustainable forest management.

Dedicated to the next generation

Smeraldina Box is especially designed to appeal to the future, not only through graphics but also through its practical, ergonomic, unbreakable, and easy-to-hold physical design — perfect for people on the go. The new cap with an inclined top optimizes the drink, is easy to open, and is perfectly resealable. In addition, the aseptic cardboard protects our water from sunlight, keeping it fresh. Smeraldina Box can be recycled and transformed into new things that can serve us in the future.

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